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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 31, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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. >> i'm shannon bream live in washington. target taliban. a drone attack may have killed a top leader a live report coming up. >> arrested in haiti, ten americans are detained in the quake zone. was this about child trafficking or a mixup. >> hope crushed. obama girl's famous crush let her down. we'll talk to her about how it all fell apart. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin with a alert a mission to rescue haitian orphans did not go the way a church group expected as the ten americans tried to take the children across the border into the dominican republic they were detained by haitian police.
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laura engle has the latest . >> they're in custody. a relumes that could be a misunderstanding but until the american group appears before a judge in port-au-prince tomorrow, they aren't going anywhere. the ten americans are suspected taking part in an illegal adoption scheme according to the haitian social affairs minister. church members thought they had the paperwork in order to take the children across the border to the dominican republic and get them into a makeshift overage. they were wrong and you be wear much the -- unaware of the new controls which require the prime minister to approve the paperwork. the children were between ages 2 and 12 according to lara sillsby who was allowed to speak to reporters. children were not only moving to a safe place but set up to receive medical aid, food and
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new clothes. >> they're very, very precious kids that have lost their homes and their families and are so deeply in need of most of all god's love and compassion and a nurturing setting. >> there will a news coverage at 1:00 p.m. local time at the central valley church. leaders and family members will talk to the media to answer questions about the intentions and understanding of the restrictions. many children in the overage before the earthquake weren't actually orphans but put there by family members to couldn't afford to look of a them. the haitian government imposed new rules on adoptions to prevent child trafficking and to make sure the kids would go to parents who may still be alive. haitian prime minister said a wildcatting a no child could leave without his okay. the church group was unaware of that and we'll hear what they have to say, the church leaders, coming up.
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>> thank you very much for the update. we know you'll keep us posted. tomorrow president obama will unveil a $3.8 trillion budget aimed to boost jobs and convince congress he has to plan to reduce the deficit. caroline shively has more. >> a s.w.a.t. team of congressional staffers will jump on the budget books tomorrow, competing with reporters eager to go line by line through them to find out where the white house wants or tax dollars doing next year. the price tag, $3.8 trillion. the "new york times" reports i has extra money for education, 25 billion-dollar for the states and more for the national institute of health and the president is proposals eliminating 120 government programs. the fastest growing parts won't be cut, including medicare, medicaid, social security,
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national security and veterans programs. listen to both sides' take on the freeze. >> the president will outline steps tomorrow, including freezing nonsecurity discretionary spending, spending that's almost doubled. >> the spending freeze is on an 84% increase he signed into law. the freeze is delayed one year so it's not fiscal discipline. >> according to the white house the freeze would save $250 billion over the decade. >> thank you very much. another busy week for president obama. tomorrow as caroline said he'll outline his budget for 2010 and attend a meeting for the olympics. tuesday he goes to new hampshire and wednesday meets with a bipartisan group of governors to
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discuss energy policy. thursday he'll will he liver re-- deliver remarks at the national prayer breakfast. >> president obama called jobs the number one focus for this year. later on he urged lawmakers to keep on trying for an agreement on healthcare. but is there bipartisan on either issue? is it really possible? >> what they've been stiff armed by speaker pelosi. >> maybe it's the house democrat leadership that's a impediment. >> i understand we're not interested in debating this bill but what should we tell our constituents. >> you stood up before the american people and said you would broadcast healthcare reform debates on c-span and you didn't. >> this was the toby mr. obama faced at the house retreated friday but it's not just the house. there's major disagreement in the senate. joining us, john boraso.
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>> president opens the door the bipartisan but a number of republicans on the hill say it's slam shut in their face. >> it's accurate. there are two doctors also senators, tom coburn. he hasn't asked our opinion because he had 60 votes. we have a lot of ideas to high pressure bring down the cost of care. in the state of the union he said take another look at my proposal. american people looked a at it and restrict josh becketted it. it's time to -- rejected it. it's time to start over and attempt to make sure we can focus on cost of care, quality of care and coverage for more people but there are a lot of good ideas the president rejected. >> we've heard republicans don't have any ideas, they're coming to be obstructionists yet as evidence by the house gop, the
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president attended and had a discussion with them, they have a number of proposals out there but they can't get them anywhere. >> that's right. the president's proposal calls for cutting medicare by $500 billion, raising tax another $500 billion, forcing the states and a huge unfunded mandate upon them. for people who have insurance, they're premiums will go up ifss passed. so many people said get rid of it. get real healthcare reform that brings down cost of care. >> when you hear from folks like nancy pelosi, the top semi, saying i'm not concerned about the process, we just want to get it done. does that work for you. >> she said i don't care what we pass as long as we pass something. i'm focused on getting it right than getting it done fast t affects every person in america. it's such a personal thing and it's 1/6 of our economy.
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government doesn't do big things well. we need to start over and get down the cost of care. >> i think we have a sound bite from her we want to play and get your reaction. this is house speaker nancy pelosi. >> we go through the gate, the gates close, we go through the fence, it's too. highpy pole vault in, we parachute in, but we're going to get healthcare reform passed. >> do you think her tone has changed with the house and leadership in the wake of scott brown's election and the message that a lot of people think the voters there, in part, were trying to send about the healthcare. >> it's the same message i hear from people around my state and senators are hearing when they have town hall meetings. we need to do healthcare reform. there are ways to do it right. start over and step-by-step let people buy insurance across state lines. of course the president, when he was in the senate, voted against
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this. when the president was in the senate, voted against that. let small businesses group together and be able to bargain more effectively. when the president was in the senate, voted against that. so the things that we know work that are good ideas, that the american people keep talking about, those are the things the president opposed. >> i want to change gears. the sec indicated it's going to require companies in public filings to talk about the impact of climate change on their bottom line. a good use of time and resources? >> no. the administration is taking its eye off the ball. which ought to be talking jobs, economy and national security. the security and exchange commission is supposed to protect investors. they missed bernie madoff, this was a party line vote. they said tell the american
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people what affect global warming and climate change will have. imagine a year ago tell the companies, explain the impact of a healthcare bill on your bottom line. you know, the c.i.a. has set up a whole section to look at climate change, taking their eye off the security -- where they ought to focus on national security and the security exchange commission is looking at climate change. we're way off base. >> senator, thank you for your time. well the national tea party convention it this week but there are tensions surfacing. sarah palin is paid a sizeable fi to headline the campaign but some are unlikely to attend. it's based on guidance they're getting from the house ethics committee. meanwhile, palin's political action committee is raking in the cash. in 2009 it raised $1.4 million.
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sarah pack raised $1.2 million >> still smarting from scott brown's win the, democrats are focusing on holding major seats in illinois but turmoil may be making it ripe for the gop to make success there. joining us, someone with more than 20 years of experience. jim edgar, thank you for your time today. >> good morning, good to be with you. >> you have a big day on tuesday, major primaries. start with the senate seat. that is being contested. how do you see that shaping up going into tuesday? >> this election is the best opportunity we've had as party in i will in i will -- illinois and we have a chance a winning the senate seat. mark kirk is -- everyone feels
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he'll be the republican nominee. he's a congressman that comes from a democratic district and has the ability to get independents and democrats from the governor's mansion, do you think that the issues surrounding former governor blagojevich are permeating there where illinois voters and will it factor into who they select? >> it's a major factor. people are disgusted with the fiasco we experienced. the democrats realize they're behind the eight ball on this. another issue too, the state is financially in terrible shape. i think we're second only to california as far as being a fiscal mess. you put the ethics and fiscal shortfalls of the previous crhe best opportunity to win the
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governor's office in more than 12 years. so we have the opportunity, no guarantees, but the opportunity. so who is picked as the republican candidate for governor next tuesday is very important that we pick the right person who can win. >> you have endorsed kurt diller. let me ask you supports officers the president and his reputation and power in illinois. will he factor into the races? >> the president is personally popular. i don't think he'll be as much as a factor as he might have been if things were going illinois is a democratic state. times changed from back when i ran as governor. you have to be able to reach over and get the independents and democrats, but i don't think that being a democrat is going to be as big a plus this election as it has been in the past in illinois. again, the republicans have a
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great opportunity in 2010. >> do you think what happened in massachusetts with scott brown is impacting illinois, the positions candidates are taking or how they're running this time? >> i think it encouraged republicans that if you can wine able to win in illinois. i think we have to look at scott brown. he ran as a fiscal conservative but a social moderate. that to me is what it takes to win in illinois as well. we can't go too far to the right but i think that people are willing to look at a republican more than four years ago the last time we had a gubernatorial election in illinois. scott brown indicated republicans can win in states people have written off. i think illinois, we have a great opportunity to win that senate seat and to take the governor's office back as well. >> shannon: governor, thank you very much for your time today. >> nice to visit with you.
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>> shannon: reports are surfacing a top taliban leader died after a u.s. drone missile strike. that would be a major success for the u.s. and pakistan. scott joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the very latest is two intelligence officials here are saying that hakimulla mehsud is dead but the military is saying they need to carry out an investigation until they confirm he's dead. one of our sources on the ground in the tribal areas said he was injured in a drone strike and died later. he was transported from the site of the attack to his inlaw's house in a nearby tribal agency. he died there and was buried last week. drone strike was two weeks after a bombing on a c.i.a. base in afghanistan december 30.
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hakimullah was seen sitting next to a double agent to carried out a attack claiming responsibility. in the video the double agent said it wasry tall yeas for a attack that killed hakimulla mehsud's predecessors. it was the largest single loss of life for the c.i.a. since the 198 0. was blamed for a string of attacks, hakimullah was. the taliban today said no hakimullah is in fact not dead, he's alive. hakimullah had a $500,000 bounty on his head. this is potentially the second killing of a taliban leader in five months. what's going to happen if it's confirmed he's dead? if it's an indication of what happened last august, there was a power struggle and hakimullah came out on top. two other guys names are being floated. likely one of those two will
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ascend if hakimullah is confirmed dead z thank you very much, scott from the obama administration is reportedly considering moving the 9/11 terror trials out of new york city. julie kirtz has the latest. >> the trial for the professed mastermind may carry a price tag too big for any city. i'll have the latest on the hunt for a location. >> 53 contestants took to the stage but only one of crowned the new miss america. we'll show you highlights right after this break. let friskies indoor wet cat food unlock the freshness... and freedom of the outdoors for your indoor cat.
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>> shannon: the 9/11 terror trial planned to take place blocks from ground zero could be moved to a new venue.
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julie is following this and has more. >> speculation continues today but top white house officials said no decision has been made on where to try the self-proclaimed flavin mastermind and four others. the administration faced strong opposition since announcingen the trial will be in new york city. some say an nuns. will be made monday but david axlerod said it's still under consideration and gave no indication about when a decision will be made public. >> the city of new york was originally receptive to that. they now have reserve reservations and we're taking those under consideration but the reports you've read are wildly friday mature. no decisions have been made. >> new york city mayor michael
12:22 pm
bloomberg who first supported idea is asking the president to rethink that. axlerod shot down stories that guantanamo bay is an option for the trial and white house press secretary robert gibbs refused to say whether or not the attorney general will decide to shift the change of venue for the trial. >> he's likely to be executed for the crimes he committed and masterminding the killing of 3,000 americans. >> meanwhile, shannon, sources tell us president obama plans to include $200 million for the 9/11 trials in his budget plan due out on monday. >> shannon: thank you julie. an independent watchdog over seek the financial system is washing lawmakers it cause a deeper crisis. he says institutions designao fd
12:23 pm
problems from the financial meltdown. he says banks will take on more government will rescue them. some disappointing sales numbers out of the housing market. sales of exit existing homes down 16.7% and 374,000 new homes were sold in 2009, the lowest total on record. as homes continue to s o market, some home oners are walking away through default. is it a bad idea? joining us is the creator of kendra and host of my house is worth what? kendra todd. >> what is a strategic default? >> a borrower walks away from the mortgage even though they can pay. what is alarming is one quarter
12:24 pm
of all defaults are strategic which means you have for closers hitting that the market that don't have to because people are looking at their home and not seeing the investment anymore. >> what happens to the homeowner who goes that route, their credit, the ability to move on financially? what happens? >> foreclosure is not necessarily the best idea because you're presented from getting a government insured loan for five to seven years. it damages your credit. your ability to get a job if they check your credit history. your ability to do anything. a better option is a short sale which hinders your ability to get a home for two years. a foreclosures costs about $60,000. >> how does a short sale work if
12:25 pm
you think that's a better path for us. >> it's a lengthy process which is why most don't go that route but banks are making it easier to use. essentially you -- it's giving the bank your deed in lieu of foreclose youer, the question iw does it fact the real estate market, especially with the plummet in home prices. don't be alarmed because the plummet was caused by first fire home buyers rushing to close. we also have to keep in mind that research came out with numbers that showed the national inventories are 23% lower than this time last year and banks have stronger balance sheets. i don't want people to get
12:26 pm
excited and think it's a negative impact on real estate. >> we always learn something new when you join us. thank you very much. >> my pleasueen crowned. america 2010 is ... miss virginia, caressa cameron. >> caressa cameron, formerly miss virginia, won the title for a at that time -- talent. she's a 22-year-old broadcaster and hopes to become a tv news anchor and as a former miss virginia, i couldn't be more proud. did president obama break a campaign promise? a high ranking officials says maybe he did.
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>> a new book about sonya sotomayor, not the biography you might be expecting but it should tell us if she has super powers. that's coming up next.
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>> shannon: a group of americans have before an trying to leave haiti and have been arrested. caroline safely has more. >> fox news confirmed ten americans have been arrested while applying to enter the dominican republic with haitian children. the group is being detained in port-au-prince. a consulate officer met with the detained americans. >> fresh reports the leader of the pakistan taliban is dead from injuries in a u.s. drone attack. a man attended his funeral andn a northwest tribal region.
12:31 pm
the. pakistan army is trying to confirm reports. a suicide bomber blew himself killing 16 in the same area where the military declared victory last year over the taliban. police are investigating a deadly fire in brooklyn as possible arson. point of view were killed -- five people were killed and a baby suffered a fractured skull. the fire was one of the city's deadliest since match of 2007. ♪ [ music ] lady gaga. the grammy awards are tonight. among the nominees, lady gaga, nominated for poker face. also, beyonce, kanye west, jay-z and taylor swift. it's 8:00 p.m. on cbs. you never know what kind of
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trouble folks get into in that broadcast. thank you. >> afghanistan's president is calling on taliban firefighters to lay down their arms and come over to the government's side. hamid karzai is willing to reconcile is taliban leaders with you the offer is not for anyone in al qaeda. leaders have been pushing for a program to entice militants. they must recognize afghanistan's constitution. >> the taliban are welcome to return to to their own country and work for peace in order for us to be able then to have the u.s. and other forces have the freedom to go back home. >> shannon: nato will conduct an investigation into a strike on a outpost. it was called for yesterday after soldiers fired on u.s. and afghanistan commandos.
12:33 pm
the afghan soldiers thought the unit was taliban militants and call it an unfortunate incidents. >> world leaders of the international conference on afghanistan agreed to a timetable obscurity duties but other issues remain unresolved. joining us, michael owe o'han lynn. so this idea of reconciling with some of the taliban or inviting them to join the government in what it's trying to do, is it a good idea? >> it's early. we haven't established momentum on the battlefield. once we do, an offer can be made from a position of strength and the taliban will understand it's an offer of forgiveness but they have to do most of the things the way president karzai and others want. stop using violence, allow for
12:34 pm
equal rights and opportunities for women. if they're willing to do that, perhaps a few leaders can be partially rehabilitated. on the other hand if you do it now as president karzai did, not for the first time but in a prominent way it sounds like we're looking for an easy way to get the war over and it sounds like a position of weakness. we have to be careful just how often we talk about this. >> you talk about careful monitoring. how difficult is it to accurately judge the allegiance? >> it's difficult. we've seen difficulties with the c.i.a. operatives killed. an afghan translator killed two americans. we have to worry about this at every level, including the grass roots level. that's where most reconciliation
12:35 pm
will happen. some afghanistan fight for money or insecurity and you may entice them to change side and watch whatthy do and provide economic incentives for their communities as part of the bargain. that's the promising area for progress. >> talk about the idea that we're trying to turn responsibility to the afghan people and how importanting it for public perception. a timetable has been discussed. how do you think had looks, the international community working toward that. >> depends on the group. some groups are nervous about the timetable. others get nervous and might help. in president karzai senses urgency that's good. if intelligence operatives think we're going to leave, they'll keep the taliban on ice because
12:36 pm
they refer them to the other groups that might take power in a war if we leave too soon. different audiences will hear different things. it's essential we emphasize we're not leaving, we're just beginning a gradual draw down at that point. >> michael, the book looks very interesting. good luck with that. >> thank you. the u.s. is cancelling a $25 million no bid afghanistan contract to a company indy by -- by a democratic coner. it after fox reported on the cheeky company consultation contract. pj crowley says the working on a resolution but awarding of the contract without compit president's campaign pledges to crack down on the practice. james rosen will have the
12:37 pm
follow-up next hour. president obama says he wants to allow openly gay men and women to serve in the armed forces but is now the right time tory peel don't ask, don't tell. we'll. a fox news exclusive. how the military is teeming up with civilian doctors to train combat medics. those stories and much more when we continue. you need. introducing fast crystal packs. a new way from alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder. alka-seltzer plus.
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>> shannon: president obama says this is the year to make big changes when it comes to who can serve in the military. >> this year i will work with congress and our military to finally repeal the law that denies gay americans the right to serve the countrythy love because of who they are. [ applause ] it's the right thing to do. [ applause ] >> defense secretary robert
12:41 pm
gates and admire mullen are set to appear tuesday to address repealing the 15-year-old policy. democratic congressman from pennsylvania is a member of the committee and retired three star admiral and joins us live. thank you for your time. >> thanks, glad to be to be back. >> you think it's time to repeal? >> yes. we're losing good men and woman, we need them more than before. take an aircraft carrier with 15 5-thousand youth. the average age, 19 1/2. this is not an issue for them. it might have been generations ago but not today. when military leaders are lagging and not leading, you lose credibility. we need to move beyond that issue much as we did with women
12:42 pm
and african-americans. >> i want to read a statement from senator john mccain. i says i believe it would be a mistake to repeal the policy at a time the armed forces are fighting and sacrificing, now is not the time to abandoned the policy. he feels the idea has not been fully vetted and the time hasn't come. how do you respond? >> first, i have great are the for john mccain. prisoner of war, i don't think i could have done what i has done. i disagree for the two reasons i gave but also as you read further into the statement he used the word it's been a successful policy. how are we measuring success? by denying people the right to serve our country or forcing them to live a lie? his cry tire i can't for -- criteria is meant to continue a discriminatory policy. we have lost thousands of good
12:43 pm
men and women we need. i respectfully disagree. a successful policy lives up to our ideals. >> the state of the union address was more interesting from the reactions from those in the house chairman -- chamber than what the president had to say. when he announced the policy change we saw the defense secretary seem to go approve but the joint chiefs the staff sat stone faced, not standing or clapping. do we know where the pentagon stands on this? >> we don't. we heard they're going to proffer something and offer it within the budget proposal. traditionally military doesn't clap though they did when he spoke about iran. you this things that tend to have a political tinge and don't ask don't tell is politicized, they tend not to clap.
12:44 pm
all that said, and i -- i went to war with a certain percentage of our carrier battle group who we knew by public surveys were gay and i felt strongly i could not come home and say they don't deserve equal rights, much like harry truman said we need to integrate african-americans into service, so it president is doing so and i wish we acted earlier. >> in your opinion a race for arlen spector's seat and he reported more than a million dollars in the last quarter. any updates? >> if you notice he also spent more than $1 million. he less at the end of the quarter than the previous quarter, which is a dangerous game to play since he's plummeted in the polls, 65% of all pennsylvaniaians don't think he deserves reelection.
12:45 pm
my challenge is of course is credibility. that's why i've done 25 counties in 23 days and 230 events. what this is about is how can the democratic establishment actually make another deal, which washington tends to do as you saw with senator nelson, so that the old boy's club keepion another in power. i disagree, we need a new generation of change, one where politics isn't the priority. ty end of the day, you'll see that i'll run against pat tomby and then a u.s. senator for pennsylvania. i am willing to lose my job so they can keep theirs. that's had a washington establishment doesn't get about welcoming a republican and saying everything is okay after 2,000 votes for george bush. there's a better principle and that's what you'll see the
12:46 pm
electorate respond to. >> we'll be following the race. thank you for your time. >> thank you. have a great day. >> you as well. we welcome senator specter to reply as well as the republicans in the race. so we follow up on the main topic. we want to know what you think about don't ask don't tell a1993 policy that bars gay men and women from serving in the military. 56% of you in the admittedly unscientific poll say no. 23% say it should be repealed and 21% of not sure. you can weigh in. go to's news hk. >> sonya t sng to her resumé. comic book star a female force series from blue water productions a biographical look at her journey. first lady michelle obama,
12:47 pm
hillary clinton and others have been featured. the book is available for purchase in april. a haitian teenager needs medical care but it has nothing to do with the earthquake. we'll talk to a doctor who has fought to bring the teen to the u.s. nascar fans will eat up this story. the cake boss is rolling out a treat for the event in daytona. almost too sweet to believe. check it out.
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12:51 pm
before the disaster. a 15-year-old orphan who needs lifesaving treatment for bone cancer. a orthopedic surgeon caredded teen out of the port-au-prince and dealed with a mountain of paperwork to transport him to the u.s. the doctor is kind enough to join us on the phone. thank you for your time. >> thank you, shannon. >> let me ask you how you and your patient are doing. >> i'm happy to report he's doing well. he's comfortable and snuggled into i into the hospital room. he's ready to deal with this. >> i understand you went to haiti to help and hoped to bring more patients back but it's not an easy task. >> no it's not. we wasn't to bring supplies and work there but when we were there, it was obvious many children could not receive adequate attention in the tents we were working in. so we tried to get the
12:52 pm
permission to bring them back to the united states for treatment. it's a difficult process given all the different factors occurring on the ground. >> shannon: i understand that the country has great concern about children and people being taken so they have a lot of precautions but is it difficult for you who are there to be able to do everything you have to offer? >> all the medical teams are trying to do what's right for the children but he the haitians have a sense of dignity in terms of wanting to know what's happening with their children and we can't be too quick to extract them, even with intentions. without effective communication, it's easy to have difficulties figuring out where the parents are and who has primary guardian
12:53 pm
ship. sometimes we're too quick to pull them out. >> can you give us a sense, having just returned, how extensive the need is on the ground right now? >> i can tell you it's an unspeakable tragedy and most of us have never seen anything like it. it's a sea of suffering people and in the tent communities i worked in, there was no end to the number of children we wish we could reach out to. i can say here in pittsburgh we've had support from everyone sending supplies and i know everybody here in pittsburgh an. it is just so hard to have shorn you see so much suffering. >> i understand senator spector was a big help getting your patient back. we hope and pray his treatment goes well and thank you for your cork in haiti. >> we're praying too. thank you. >> thanks. >> this is a fox news alert.
12:54 pm
security operations for the super bowl and winter olympics are tightened. this is because of the christmas day bombing attempt and other breaches. the nfl have the for security tells "the associated press" improvised explosives are the biggest person as they prepare for the championship game between the colts and the saints. >> there's still a week before nascar season gets understand way but tonight on tlc, a life-sized nascar cake. that's right, this is a cake modeled after a nascar. it is completely edible, a special one hour episode of cake boss is tonight at 9 >> a fox news exclusive. how los angeles doctors are teaming up with the military to train the men and women headed straight to the battlefield. be in first thing tomorrow. only alka-seltzer relieves
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12:57 pm
>> shannon: doctorsers nurses and other medical personnel are getting real life war zone training in los angeles. the gunshot wounds and devastating injuries that roll into the er are as close to the battlefield wounds as you can get outside of a war zone. no tv crew has ever had access to this before. anita vogel has more in a fox news exclusive. >> every day the streets of los angeles yield injuries
12:58 pm
similar to those troops face on the battlefield. >> severe traumatic brain injuries. severe gunshot wound injuries, stab injuries. >> that is why the navy trains doctors, nurses and corpsmen from all over the world before they ship out to the war zone. >> this is one of the business issuesiest and most intense emergency rooms in the country and right now, members of the navy are working side by side with doctors here to treat a young woman who just came in with a stab wound. >> this is relevant and we could see something like this, whether in iraq or afghanistan or whereever we are deployed. >> the three week program includes battlefield stimulations, basic autopsies and going on rounds with doctors. because of the nature of combat injuries the burn unit is one of the most essential parts of the training. >> we had three or four different people who e-mail texted us back from iraq saying
12:59 pm
that they learned stuff here that they were able to use to treat people on the frontline. >> usc gets extra hands from the navy in the most traumatic of situations. in the intensive care unit they helped to save the life of this 11-year-old boy accidentally shot at close range, real life experience these sailors need to be prepared for war. >> have you ever been on a battlefield or combat zone before? >> this will be the first time i'm actually in the combat zone. >> this navy doc knows she is headed to afghanistan. her colleagues will get their marching orders in the next 365 days. the hope is they head out armed with a new sense of confidence. >> i think i will be much more prepared than i was before this definitely. >> in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. they say their mission was to rescue orphans from haiti but ten americans are now in
1:00 pm
custody and could face child trafficking charges. the state department says the ten were detained with about 33 people with them at the dominican republic border. supporters of the americans say it is simply a problem with paper work. i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters from the nation's capital starts now. less than a week after an exclusive report by fox news that a no bid $25 million u.s. aid contract went to an obama campaign donator the contract has been at themy nateed. the contract violated campaign promises. james rosen, the man who broke the story joins us with the details. hi, james. >> shannon, good afternoon. the obama administration says that fox news reporting had nothing to do with this contract being canceled and that it had already been terminated as improper. word of the cancellation came a full five days after the u.s.
1:01 pm
aid responded to our questions by defending the contract as proper. it was awarded on january 4th of this year and administration officials say it was an extension of a $44 million contract first awarded after competitive bidding by the bush administration in 2004. the renewed contract is worth more than $24.6 million and is supposed to strengthen the rule of law in war torn afghanistan. a state department official says the contract has been satisfy -- the work of the contractor has been satisfactory. began donating to the obama presidential campaign as early as march of 2007. mr. checky gave close to the maximum amount allowed. p.j. crawly said the bid was canceled because a rival firm launched a protest. there was a determination that there was an urgent reason to
1:02 pm
aput out the contract on the no bid basis. then candidate obama's many statements during the 2008 campaign criticizing just this practice with regard to the bush administration, statements like this one: >> we can save billions of dollars by cutting waste and improving management, strengthening oversight. we will finally end the abuse of no bid contracts. once and for all the days of sweet heart deals for halliburton and the like will be over when i'm in the white house. >> in response crawly said and i "you make a valid point. if you want to say this violates the basis on which this administration came into office and campaigned, fair enough. ". asked how many no bid contracts has been awarded since president obama took office mr. crowley said he would get back to us.
1:03 pm
shannon? >> thank you. >> thank you. haitian officials detained ten workers trying to make or tans out of the country but they said they didn't have proper documentation and now they are under arrest. >> the senior pastor of the central valley pastor church told us this morning that the ten member church team was only trying to rescue abandoned and traumatized children. the group is waiting a hearing in front of a haitian judge, the ten are accused of taking part in an illegal adoption scheme after they tried to cross into the dominican republic with 33 kids to get them to a new orphanage that was being built. the pastor tells fox news when talked to the team on friday night the group was at the border about to cross over when they were told that they were lacking one piece of paperwork. we understand those were exit visas. that is the last he heard from them.
1:04 pm
as several of those arrested got out last minute text messages alerting their families what was happening before their phones were taken away. the plan was to get the first group over and come back for more to get them medical aid, food and clothes. one little girl in the group reportedly thought that she was going to some sort of vacation camp in the dr. after the adults were arrested the children were taken to the sos children's village in port-au-prince. the government improsed new rules preventing any orphans from leaving the country to stop child trafficking. no child would be allowed to leave the country without the prime minister's okay. the church group said they were unaware of the mandate. the church is expected to have a news conference today at 1:00 local time. they will be speaking to the media to try to explain what went wrong and what they were
1:05 pm
told by the people on the ground in haiti. >> we can only hope this has a happy ending for everyone involved, especially those children. reports are surfacing that the pakistani leader of the taliban has died. if true that would give a major effort in the u.s. efforts to fight the taliban. scott has the latest, hi, scott. >> two intelligence officials here in pakistan are confirming that the taliban leader is dead. they said they have to go into an investigation period for a couple of days at least before they can confirm that he is dead from the drone strike. now, we have a source on the ground in the trial areas who said he was injured in a mid january drone strike and died from his wounds. the source said they then transported him from the site of the attack to his inlaws house in the nearby orakzai
1:06 pm
trial agency. the drone strike was two weeks after a deadly cia bombing on december 30th. he was shooting next to the jordannian intelligence double agent who carried out that attack in a video released claiming responsibility. the double agent said the attack was retaliation for another attack last august. the u.s. blames hakimula for helping with the bombing at the cia base. it was the largest loss of life for the cia since the 1980s. he is also blamed for a string of terror attacks here in pakistan, killed hundreds. a taliban spokesman denyd that their leader was killed. he had a 500 thunder bounty on his head. we have seen two taliban leaders potentially killed in the last five months. is next for the taliban? if there is any indication from last august there will be a little bit of a power strag
1:07 pm
this will time around if it is confirmed that he was killed but probably less so than less summer because there were two names that were floated when came to the top. so one of those two names will probably succeed him, if he is in fact dead. shannon? >> thank you, scott. tomorrow marks the start of a busy week for president obama. on monday he will outline his budget for 2010. then he will attend a security and crisis management meeting about the olympics. he will talk on thursday about jobs at a town hall in new hampshire and on wednesday meet with a bipartisan group of governors at the white house discussing energy policy. on thursday the president will deliver remarks at the national prayer breakfast and on friday attend a series of meetings at the white house. it might have felt like they covered a week's worth of material but all that information was packed into one hour of "fox news sunday." i sat down with chris wallace earlier for a preview. a busy day and you covered a
1:08 pm
lot of ground. two key senators, two key congressman, republicans and democrats a like. tackled a lot of topics but started with the economy and debt. there was any agreement amongst those four. >> really no. and in a sense it puts the whole idea and the obama administration is playing it that they are going to reach out and try to find area of compromise and there really wasn't a lot. the democrats are tied into the idea that there should not be across-the-board spending cuts. they don't think that that boosts the economy particularly in the higher end of the income scale. and republicans very much believe in that. and they want to see its it all come out of spending and, of course, the democrats don't in terms of dealing with the debt and you had this really interesting development this week where there had been a proposal for a bipartisan debt commission in capitol hill in the senate. it was voted down. got 53 votes but now you need 60 for almost everything and 7
1:09 pm
republicans who originally cosponsored the idea voted against it so it does raise the question of whether or not you will get anything serious in terms of bipartisan compromise to get things done on jobs, the economy, healthcare or getting the financial deficit situation in order. >> shannon: of course, healthcare came up as well and congressman chris van hollen said he doesn't thing it is over. where does it go from here? >> put it on the back burner. i don't think there is any question, and you got the sense from the president and the house democrats like chris van hollen that they are going to pivot and focus on the economy for a couple of months and do everything they can to show independent and middle class voters that they are trying to get people back to work and two, they are concerned about issues like paying for college tuition and daycare credits, child credits for people who need to work and want to have their kids taken care of.
1:10 pm
i think it is going to be some period of time before you get back to healthcare. it was clear from van hollen and he is one of the top democrats in the house, that there is some disarray and they just don't know. comprehensive bill, smaller bills, what is the timing on it, i think it will be smaller rather than larger and later rather than sooner. >> one area it seemed there was a little bit of a agree innocent was about the 9/11 -- agreement was about the 9/11 trials being held in manhattan possibly being abandoned at this point and it seems agreement across the ail that maybe it wasn't a good idea. >> particularly when you have the mayor of new york saying it is a bad idea. senator alex ander and congressman ryan, terrible idea, it should be held in military conditions. and lamar alexander not calling for holder to step down but certainly questioning his fitness to stay in office. you saw senator eastbound van
1:11 pm
bayh of indiana saying the key is that you want to do is quickly and cheaply and he wasn't going to vote. he said he was not going to vote for the $200 million that is in the president's vault to pay for all the logistics, all the security for federal civilian trials whether in new york or some other city which seems to indicate he is in favor of military commission. >> shannon: a great show as always. thanks for the preview. >> you bet, thank you. >> shannon: hear more from the panel today on "fox news sunday." chris van lollipoppen, evan bayh, lamar alexander and ryan today at 2:00 and 6:00 eastern. julie kirtz is standing by in the washington newsroom with the latest, hi, julie. >> the obama white house and justice department continued to look for options other than new york city for the trial of khalid shaikh muhammad and four con conspirators.
1:12 pm
administration officials are saying no decision has been made yet on moving the trial. the new york city mayor michael bloomberg who first supported the plan to hold the trial in new york is now asking president obama to rethink this. today, white house senior advisor david axelrod downplayed reports on friday that guantanamo bay is again an option for the terror trials. >> no discussion of that. you know, i can't tell you where these reports are coming from but they don't reflect any discussions that i'm aware of. >> administration officials today will not say officially that new york city is out for the trial. this morning axelrod says the white house and justice are taking into consideration those local reservations about logistics in manhattan and the cost. white house press secretary robert gibbs was pressed today on whether the trial will still be in a federal court or will the administration will back track and move it to a military court. here is his response.
1:13 pm
>> well, the attorney general believes that the best place to do this is in an american courtroom. and, quite frankly, i hate to go back to the game playing on this, that is what a lot of people believe. >> sources tell fox news that president obama plans to include $200 million for the 9/11 trials in his budget plan due out on monday. the top republican in the senate mitch mcconnell predicted that congress will request any funding request for the trial of khalid shaikh muhammad in a federal courthouse. in the senator's words, we need to deny these people a show trial. shannon? >> shannon: , all right, jewel any kirtz with the latest. thank you. president obama's last minute campaigning in massachusetts was not enough to stop scott brown's upset in this election. a col upist for politics daily joins us live from chicago where she has been following the runup to tuesday's big
1:14 pm
primarily. lynn, always nice to have you. >> hi, shannon. >> tuesday is a big slate. a lot of the folks in the primary li. who do you see being successful on tuesday? >> well, the republican side it as tossup for the republican governor. the front runner on the senate republican side is representative mark kirk who has not had a big challenge from any other people running. on the democratic side it is a bit of a tossup right now. the state treasurer has been in the lead but another man, david hoffman who is an attorney is catching up. and on the big tossup is on the democratic governor's race here where the governor pat quinn, the man who took over after rod blagojevich was impeached and removed from office is running against the controller named dan hines and that has gotten
1:15 pm
into a hard hitting contest the past few days and on the democratic side it has been hard hitting, a lot of ads and charges flying and courter flying. not an untypical, illinois contest here. >> the specter of former governor rod blagojevich come how the candidatess the are attacking each other in anyway. >> one is getting in trouble because he appeared in an ad with president obama. the real hard hitting blagojevich material will be used in the november election. what you see here, what is the main legacy of the blagojevich scandal is that the democrats go into the general election which starts wednesday morning in a weakened state and instead of having an incumbent governor and a blue chip senator you will have an open senate slot and you will have a governor
1:16 pm
who will if he survives a primarily will have been weakened by a tough primary. that is the legacy of blagojevich is he left the democrats in which had been a very blue state. both senators democrats for a number of years, the legislature and main state office holders that the republicans are salivating over this general election shows the damage that blagojevich left in his wake. >> we know you follow every twist and turn. thanks for sharing your insights with us today. a nasty winter storm is heading out to seven after slamming the south and mid atlantic. people living in north carolina woke up to 11 degrees this morning. and the mountains there got one foot of snow. virginia state police report a flurry of accidents all along interstate 81 and primarily because of ice.
1:17 pm
well, the winning streak continues. roger federer has beaten andy murray for his fourth australian open title. he won the lengthy tiebreaker on his last point. last year he southbounded when lost this is chance to equal father career majors. a new miss america has been crown. >> miss america 2010 is -- miss virginia! >> the crown went to caressa cameron. a 22-year-old broadcast journalism major. she wants to become a news major. hell of a competitor on stage question dealt with childhood obesity. she advised parents to take away the tv and video games and says kids should get outside. good advice for all of us. why some believe tomorrow
1:18 pm
could be a bad day for engineers at nasa. could the mission to the moon be in jeopardy? we will talk to a formerouer ] astronaut, when we continue. ite power to take on any mission, and the space to accommodate precious cargo, because every great action hero needs a vehicle. see your lexus dealer. ♪
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>> shannon: have you ever wondered what it is like inside the international space station? nasa wants to give you a peek. nasa will stream live video from inside the space station for the first time on its website. two web cams will be mounted in a lab in what is the entrayway. viewers will get to see the astronauts in what might we the closest things that most of us will ever get to being aboard the space station. the obama administration is expected to announce tomorrow budget numbers for nasa. it will most likely add up to a
1:22 pm
setback of a canceled space flight. tom janes us from houston -- tom joins us from houston. the reports for budget numbers don't sound good. what is your reaction? >> the president's promised a budget increase for nasa but only a bill more than inflation the next five years. that is the bad news. still results in probably the cancellation to the return to the moon program that president bush announced back in 2004. we will have astronauts livening on the space station but no american rockets carrying them into orbit. we will be renting russian seats and there is a question of what the future is of america in space all together. will retreat from being the nation that leads the way or one getting to earth orbit but no farther.
1:23 pm
>> shannon: that is my next question for you. nasa has been such a pioneer. do you think this will put the brakes on that temporarily or even permanently? >> it means that nasa will have no future beyond lower earth orbit. any talk of mars is really going to be off the table. when i flew on the shuttle back in the '90s when i first started flying there were about 50 astronauts per year going into space and after 2011 there will be about four americans per year going into space for the foreseeable future and this represents a big drawdown in our capability to explore and i think it as decision we ought to look at seriously. >> shannon: how do you think it will impact the next generation of school kids that you want to inspire to be serious about math and science and things that would give them a chance to go into space? what is the impact there?
1:24 pm
>> i think that telling school children today they will be part of the frontier and the cutting edge of technology is going be a hard sell. without our ability to go beyond the space station with a big rocket that can carry us back to the moon and the nearby as asteroids and to mars there is no prom nice that they will be on a competitive edge with chinas like russia and india and we are not -- and this puts off for those kids. >> shannon: the budgetary decision we are in now it is a tough fight and a delicate balance. thank you very much. has you tube sensation obama girl lost her crush on obama? she has constructive criticism for the president. find out what grade she gives him for his first year in office. and casey stegall on real
1:25 pm
estate making a big comeback. >> buy a house, pay for it in cash with no inspection or seeing it ob the inside. in it is a new trend sweeping the southwest and we will tell you all about it in a live report from arizona next on america's news headquarters.
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
>> shannon: ten americans have one detained while trying to leave haiti. caroline shively has more on that and the other top stories. >> a group of americans from a church group was detained in haiti this weekend trying to gain entrance to the dominican republic. haitian police say they tried to take a group of children out of the country without proper documentation. the family members of the members say they were trying to take the children to the dominican republic and thought they did have the proper papers. president barack obama's spokesman says the creation of jobs program may create a price tag in the 100le with dollars
1:29 pm
range. he break down but the figure would be spent but the plan would include tax plans to small businesses to increase their work forces. afghanistan president is calling on taliban fighters to lay down their arms and come over to the government side. he says he is even willing to reconcile with the taliban leaders but says the offer isn't for any one in al-qaeda. they are pushing for a program to entice mill at the present times to leave the taliban. karzakarzai says they must wele afghanistan's constitution. >> they are welcome to return to their own country and work for peace in order for us to be able to have the u.s. and other forces have the freedom to go back home. and those of your top stories right now. shannon, back to you. thank you, caroline. >> you bet. president obama pounced on the latest gdp numbers released
1:30 pm
friday that show an increase in economic activity, the second in as many months. we asked brenda buttner to take a look for us and she joins us live from new york. hi, brenda. >> economics can seem really boring so work with me on this. it's football season so imagine if there were a super bowl for the economy with the teams recession versus recovery wouldn't the recovery fans be cheering a big win. the latest news sounds like a touchdown. the economy grows at the fastest pace in six years, jumping 5.7% last quarter. don't call the game so fast. earnings, mainly, quite a rebound in the fourth quarter and then there is the market which is up better than 50% from its march lows and what about in housing? hard to believe but existing home sales were up last year from the previously one at deeply discounted prices of course, and many of those foreclosure pickups. go, team!
1:31 pm
right? hold on. the recession has a big d or e for employment which is to say it is not growing. the unemployment rate seems stuck at 10%. millions not even bothering to look for work. we get january's report next friday. we do know that the rise in wages and benefits last year was the weakest on record. as for that gdp number, a lot refueled by a restocking of business inventories that may not be repeated in the future. on the housing, new home sales keep sinking even with the tax credit for first-time home buyers. the lowest total of new homes sold last year since we started keeping records more than a quarter century ago. back to wall street. yes, we are way up from march but the bulls dropped the ball in january. the dow down 3.5% this month, the biggest monthly decline in nearly a year and down 6% from the recent high, nearing the direction stage of 10% down.
1:32 pm
this game is far from over and the recovery team could be a loser until we stop losing jobs. shannon? >> if my econ professor taught like that i would have learned something instead of doing crossword puzzles. we always learn something when you come on, thank you, brenda. thank you. the odds of finding work just got better, at least in pennsylvania where people expect a new gambling law to create thousands of jobs. pennsylvania the 15th state to legalize casino table games like poker and blackjack. laura is outside scranton, pennsylvania, with the story. >> black jack, roulette and craps. all will be coming soon to pennsylvania. it the the mohegan sun is means 500 new jobs, most for dealers. there are many other opportunities. >> security, surveillance, food and beverage, cashiering, a
1:33 pm
number of other position that we will need to hire. >> there are nine operating casinos offering slot machines in pennsylvania and one state legislature estimates the addition of table game will mean an economic gold rush. >> it will create 10,000 additional jobs for georgia while the gaming industry is a real job generator here, the gaming association says many casinos across the u.s. are reporting revenue loss, pay cuts and layoffs. >> we are probably down in direct employees some where between 50,000 and 100,000 people nationwide. >> but the pennsylvania operators are smiling. >> the casinos in pennsylvania have taken business away from atlantic city just with the slots and now adding table games is going to be very, very successful there. >> that was laura ingle reporting. log on to our website to find all the job hunt stories we have been doing. click on job hunt and there is a link to an interactive map and show you the employment stories we have done in each of
1:34 pm
the highlighted stories on the map. click there and learn more. when students show up for a dance at the union grove high school in wisconsin they will find a note on the door that says what they can't do on the dance floor. school officials are banning what they call sexual bending. betsy hart is a columnist for the chicago sun times and the author of "it takes a parent." welcome. >> i want to start by reading this policy so we all know what we are talking about here. it says when dancing back to front, no sexual bending is allowed. no hands on knees. no hands on the dance floor with your buttocks dancing our dance partner. no straddling of each other's legs. both feet must remain on the dance floor at all times. that sounds like a pretty good policy that you would hope your kids would comply with. what do you think about the
1:35 pm
school's ban? >> i think we have come a long way when schools have to outline in the policies that you are not supposed to be sexual on the dance floor. this is a problem that i have written about and schools are dealing with it, we have dealt with it in my community. called freak dancing and juke dancing. it is incredibly sexually explicit dancing. no one doubts that kids have been having sex outside of marriage since the beginning of time but the schools don't need to provide a venue for foreplay which is a lot of what this has become if you talk to parents that have attended the dances. it is unfortunate that we have gotten to the point that they have to outline specifically what you can't do. what i like about the attacks that they are taking and the attacks that my school has taken is they are saying we are going to have standards and in particular i think this protects kids not only from themselves from the few who really want to engage in this but gives the vast majority of kids who i'm quite convinced
1:36 pm
don't particularly girls an out to sai oops, not allowed, i can't do that. i think that is the benefit we parents and adults pro he slide to kids sometimes. we don't take as much advantage of it as we should. >> what do you think of the idea of videotaping? i would imagine not every parent or guardian is thrilled about their kids caught on tape and this whole thing broken down. do you think that might be one of the best discouragements to keep a kid from violating this policy? >> well, you know, it is a double edged sword because you do have people who will be concerned about privacy issues. again, i think it is a sad thing that we have gotten away from sort of the fun and romance of dances. you know, when it used to be a time when a girl would get excited and get dressed up and get a corsage and none of this was in her mind. maybe in a few of the guy's minds. for the most part this is roman take and fun time. we have gotten so far away from that and isn't that sad, if we have to resort to videotaping so that if kids are so degraded
1:37 pm
on the dance floor, that is a commentary on the culture but i think it is a symptom on a current problem. we need to inject romance and the idea of acting like a grownup for an evening and getting dressed up and have the fun time and not overlaid with the sexual tension. schools can put the dances in more lighted venues and control the music so it is dance music and not a grinding hip who will kind of sound and enforce the dress code. when the kids dress up, they act better. let's have the guys in shirts and collars and ask the girls to wear dresses. there is nothing wrong with that. i think more than anything here, we can be protecting kids but particularly girls from -- girls from themselves or from peer pressure and saying particularly, ladies, we are not going to let them treat you like animals. we will stand up for them and
1:38 pm
make them treat you right. >> the fight between the schools and teachers and parents, that is not going to end but this may bring about a different dance atmosphere. thank you. during the housing bust a lot of people lost their shirts when they gambled on flipping houses. now, it might by the time to try it again. we will fill you in. president obama has delivered his first state of the union address but how are american voters reacting to it? we willle take a look at the latest post-speech numbers, unnext. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol... a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day. unique in its german-tuned suspension,
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president obama is pledging to implement a measured spending freeze. one report has next year's budget at almost $4 trillion. the white house holding the line on federal spending? caroline shively, if it is numbers, better you than me. >> these are pretty easy to understand. they are in the trillions, though, shannon. the hottest book in town tomorrow will be the budget
1:42 pm
book. 2,000-pounds, endless numbers and for 37 bucks you can have one of your own. the president wants $3.8 trillion to go for the next four years, it has the details. $25 billion more for the states and more for the energy department and sen seuss bury and propose is cutting back or eliminating 120 government programs and freeze on discretionary spending. according to the white house it would save $20 billion over a decade. >> the tasks on domestic discretionary spending. within that cap we have to prioritize like every business or family would and do away with the things that we don't need in order to pay for the things that we do. >> i think that the president's proposal on freezing nonsecurity domestic spending is a good first step but it is only $15 billion for each of
1:43 pm
the next three years. i think we can could better than that. >> the fastest growing parts of the budget won't be cut, medicare, medicaid, social security, national security and veterans programs. but like any budget plenty in it there is guess work and assumes that healthcare reform and cap and trade will spas. the white house believes the deficit will drop to 4.1% of the gdp in 2012, that is down from 9% this year. shannon? >> thank you. house flipping is making a comeback. it is not just ordinary folks trying to cash in on foreclosed properties. professional real estate investors are getting back into the game. casey stegall is live in arizona to tell us more. hi, casey. >> the new trend is sweeping the southwest with nevada, arizona and california having the highest foreclosure rates in the country in that order. here is where things are different than a few years ago where folks were flipping
1:44 pm
houses at the height of the housing boom. then almost any one could buy a home and make improvements with a loan from the bank. in order to buy a forecleesure you must pay in full. even though you are getting crazy deals you have to shell out sometimes hundreds and thousands of dollars in cold hard cash. >> you can't just jump in it and think you will make money. i have been here 30 years and you have to know the communities you are buying in and know that you can sell it really quick at a decent margin. >> on any given day, dozens of investors gatherren o the steps of the maricopa courthouse in downtown phoenix where public auctions of foreclosed homes happen. the main hitch isn't even the money. you cannot see inside the house before you buy. so investors literally
1:45 pm
sometimes don't know what they are getting. >> you don't get a home inspection. you don't get to walk through the house. you legally can't enter the house. you have to know the property and what you think it is worth and hopefully you can peek through the windows and there is nothing hid than you don't see. there is risk behind it, absolutely. >> the bank that owns the home sets the minimum bid. one of the indiana vestors we talked to, recently got a home worth $1.3 million. he bought is for about $486,000 and then turned around and sold it for almost $700,000. there is money to be made. and shannon, i know you have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around so send it this way and we will see if we can get you a deal. >> absolutely. that doesn't sound like it is for the faint of heart, casey. >> right. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. sarah palin is headlining the national tea party convention this week but some
1:46 pm
key conservatives are dropping out of the event. we will tell you why, coming up. welcome home, man.
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1:49 pm
the national tea party convention kicks off this week but there are some tensions surfacing. former vice presidential candidate sarah palin is being paid a sizeable fee to headline the convention in nashville but some current members of congress including michelle bachman and marsha blackburn are not going to attend based on rules from the ethics chitee committee regarding their participation. sara pack raised about $2.1 million for the year. coming off the first state of the union speech, how did
1:50 pm
voters react to the goals outlined by president obama? joining us of pollsters ail leg a before and after snap shot of the president's speech. does barack obama share your priorities for the country. before the speech, 57% said yes but afterwards 70% said, yes. we saw a shift in the numbers on no as well. before, 42% said no, afterwards just 30. doug, how do you read the numbers? >> i think the speech was certainly at least partially successful in that people now believe in increasing numbers that the president shares their priorities. they obviously support the spending freeze that he spoke about, the call for bipartisanship, the desire forgetting a healthcare bill done in some form in some ways. so the priorities the president outlined are clear and embraced. the question is can he get it done? >> shannon: exactly and that takes us to the next poll that
1:51 pm
i will let alex answer to. will obama be able to accomplish all of his polls in the state of the union address. yes, 42% but no 57%. he laid out a clear road map to a lot of people but will he be able to check things off the list? >> exactly. i think that wednesday night showed us that he did what he does best, he gave a great speech but what we have seen over the last year is he is not ,o good atgeting things done p even with a majority in the house and senate. voter is are skeptical that he can get these things done. they want it to happen but they don't think he can. it is not just a majority overall but two thirds of independents say that he can't accomplish all of this and even the democrats. that speaks to how much confidence is that he can get this done.
1:52 pm
>> right now, congressional job approval. disapproval at 66.3%. approval at 26.3%. that is a tough one there. doug, why does congress always seem to have such a high negative? >> i think in a couple of reasons, shannon. first, in this case, i think there is widespread dissatisfaction with the democratic congress. i say this as a democrat who would like the democrats to succeed but given the failure to get a lot of legislation passed this year it is not hard to understand why people are skeptical about the congress. and as an i institution the congress and a lot of other bodies in washington have had increasing skepticism. it is not hard to see why the american people are deeply doubtful about the effectiveness of this congress in particular. >> the final word here on the fallout from the speech. >> i think that, like i said, president obama gave a temporary reassurance to people and talked about the great things that he wants to do but
1:53 pm
i think the proof is in the puddle and i don't know -- it in the pudding and i don't know that he will get a lot done this year. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks. a safe return home from a dog who traveled all the way from iraq to the u.s. that story is next. and has obama girl's crush fizzled out? she will join us next. including has he ever written her a thank you note for all those props, coming up. discover friskies indoor wet cat food.
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♪ because i've got a crush on obama ♪ >> she carried a torch for then one year obama but 81 year after he took office, is he crush fading? the original obama girl joins us live from new york. great to see you today. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm fantastic. i understand your crush may have fizzled a little bit. what is going on? >> i don't think it is the same as it was in wes 2007. it has only been a year and i'm being patient and i think everyone else should, too. it is not the same. >> a b minus so far for the year. how did he get that? >> i think a b minus is fair. i feel there is some things he should have been concentrating more on like jobs and the economy but like he said in his
1:57 pm
state of the union that is what his top priority is going to be so. >> there are a lot of people seeing you in your video that would have said i would love for her to have a crush on me. did you ever hear from the president or any one close to him about the significant attention that you brought his way? >> no, i never heard anything from him. and i was kind of hoping. i never did it to get any sort of anything from him but i guess just a little thank you or a hi-five or something would have been nice. >> maybe is shoutout in the state of the union. >> maybe. we'll see. >> what would it take going forward for him to win back some of your love if that's possible? >> well, i want to clarify. it was never love like that. we did a political satire music video two and a half years ago when was just getting involved in all this so i just feel like it's only been a year and people can look at it like that is a really long time and he should have gotten a lot more done. i think a b minus is pretty fair. i think if he does a lot more
1:58 pm
of what he plans on doing like he said in the state of the union we're going to be good so. >> we will check back for another great after year two. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you so much. the winter storm that dumped snow and ice on the southeast and mid atlantic is gone. it left a huge mess behind. snowplows out in force but freezing temperatures mean many roads are crusted with ice. snapped power lines left thousands without electricity. police report hundreds of car wrecks but say so far no serious injuries or deaths. heidi,te a journey for high a one-year-old mixed dog who was rescued in iraq, only to go missing in colorado. he was found wander around camp ramadi where he was stationed. she went missing yesterday and was found about five miles from
1:59 pm
home. she was a little scared but otherwise just fine. groundhog day is just a few days away. you can sign up to receive a text message from punxsutawney phil. text groundhog to 247365 and when ventures out of his burrow it will show whether he saw his shadow which is six more weeks of winter. phil, we are counting on you, especially after all the snow and cold we got here overnight in washington. we will text and hope for the best. that is it for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" is up next. catch chris wallace's exclusive interviews. senators evan bayh and lamar van hollennd chris van who and paul ryan. i'm shannon bream. thanks for
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